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Bluescope ran a competition on Facebook during December 2017 with the prize being a €400 voucher to be put towards a new website development project. What is now Ballybunion Photography was the lucky winner of this competition.

Ballybunion Photography specialises in weddings, portrait, and commercial photography to capture your magic moments. Ballybunion Photography did not previously operate a website, it was designed to increase brand awareness as well as to showcase their professional photography skills to online users with the option to sell their photographs through their online shop.

With the ability to conduct commercial transactions through their website, Ballybunion Photography can now spend their time focusing their energy on what they love, photography, while their website can gather leads and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Duration of Development

Bluescope began website development in March 2018 and the website was completed in mid-May 2018.

Finalised Website

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"We are absolutely delighted with our new website and with the work Bluescope Technologies has done for us to bring it to a real business style site. They captured everything we needed for our website to improve it and for it to become a real business website. It was a great thanks to Ciarán and Deirdre for all the work and time they spent to get our website to the business style we wanted to have it as.


Bluescope had many great and fresh ideas for our website and it was a pleasure to work with them. We now have the website we needed for our business to stand out to people and for them to contact us for upcoming events.


With the photography we do, it has given us a great platform to show people the work we have done for all others, and what we can do for them. It not just stands out well alongside other competitors, but outshines them.


Ballybunion Photography are delighted to have worked with Ciarán and Deirdre for their amazing job with helping us build a real business style website. We will look forward to working with them again in the future."

Luke Kindelan, Owner, Ballybunion Photography


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